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Italy’s Populist Earthquake

“We have the sensation of being on the eve of an earthquake,” Corriere della Sera economics writer Dario Di Vico observed on the day of Italy’s elections in early March. The results would show that some 65 percent of the electorate was opposed to the political status quo represented chiefly by the center-left Partito Democratico […]

The Subtle Return of German Hegemony

Even after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the idea of an immediate reunified Germany seemed remote. Margaret Thatcher, mindful of recent history and her own childhood memories of World War II, was a vocal skeptic. Her French counterpart, François Mitterrand, was even less enthusiastic and predicted, “I don’t have to do anything to stop […]

The Much Diminished Russian Bear

Any assessment of Vladimir Putin’s Russia needs to stipulate that: 1) he is a corrupt dictator sitting on top of a rotten kleptocracy; 2) political freedom and democracy in Russia are imperiled; 3) the human rights situation in Russia is not good, with political opponents of the regime subject to routine harassment, arrest, and in […]

Italy Succumbs (Again) to Mob Politics

A new left-right populist government has taken power in Rome, fueled by popular anger over illegal immigration and adept in its use of social media. The M5S/Lega, as it’s known, wants debt forgiveness and new spending as the price for Italy remaining within the eurozone. A number of observers blame German Chancellor Angela Merkel for […]

Trump’s Iran Regime Change Fantasies

Candidate Donald Trump campaigned against Washington’s foolish Middle East wars. President Donald Trump is threatening Tehran with the equivalent of fire and fury. After decades of American attacks on Iran, what Trump should be doing is changing course. The president erupted against Iran on Twitter earlier this week in an outburst that was even more […]

Russia Has Become an Unusual Broker in Golan Heights 2.0

A Syrian fighter jet was shot down Tuesday afternoon by the Israeli Air Force, which claimed the plane had penetrated Israel’s airspace near the Golan Heights. Syrian officials say the jet crashed in southwestern Syria, and was hit while engaged in raids in their airspace over an area known for ISIS activity. Tensions are clearly […]

What Everyone Seemed to Ignore in Helsinki

Sifting through the cacophony of commentary from the Trump-Putin meeting in Helsinki, here are four key points missed, ignored or glossed over by the Washington establishment and mainstream news coverage—and they require a good airing. They are: 1) It’s clear now that Europeans will increase their contributions to NATO. But Big Media totally ignored the […]

Time to Talk to the Taliban

Reports have surfaced recently that the White House is instructing its senior diplomats to begin seeking “direct talks with the Taliban.” It’s a measure that would have been unthinkable at the start of the Afghanistan war yet today it’s long overdue. Despite the criticism it’s elicited, such talks offer the best chance of ending America’s longest […]

Europe Might Save the Iran Deal Yet

Iranian hardliners have always been pessimistic about the West, arguing that the governments there have “ominous” plans for Tehran, which they seek to stab in the back. That impression has certainly been reinforced this past year, as America pulled out of its own hard-won nuclear deal and Donald Trump on Sunday threatened Iran with “CONSEQUENCES […]