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Finding Paradise in Post-Industrial Ohio

Editor’s note: This is the first entry in TAC‘s new series “The Great American Diary,” wherein our writers take a closer look at the varied and enriching places throughout our country that are too often ignored.  Sometime in the 1800s, the story goes, a bitterly cold winter caused Lake Erie to freeze over, forcing all […]

A Generation of Prufrocks, a Crisis of Single Men

In his famous poem “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock,” T.S. Eliot proved prophetic, predicting the new kind of man and the new kind of courtship that would dominate the modern world. If people want to understand the insecurities, the indecision, and the wince-inducing incompetence of single men today, they will find it all […]

Netflix’s ‘Anne With an E’ is a PC Fail

We love Anne of Green Gables. She keeps the child alive in us, reminds us what it means to be a dreamer, full of aspirations and hopes. She brings humor and color to the grayest of spaces, transforming the everyday and the bleak. She comforts the outcast, the bullied, the lonely, whispering to us that […]

Trust No One: The X-Files at 25

Aliens, Neanderthals, poltergeists, more aliens, bumbling bureaucrats, cabals, still more aliens, pyrokinetics, artificial intelligence, religious cults, were-creatures, eugenicists, mutants, stoners, more bumbling and malicious bureaucrats, and a few more aliens. Quite the motley crew of characters. Then, after the teaser, the smeared and ghostly credits play, usually with a final thump and the statement: “The […]

Good Riddance, Jerry Springer

When former Cincinnati mayor Jerry Springer first signed on the air with his signature TV talk show in 1991, there was little reason to suspect that this was the beginning of a cultural juggernaut. As far as anyone was concerned, Springer was treading a road already traveled by Phil Donahue, Oprah Winfrey, and Sally Jessy […]

Defending Men Who Want to Woo

Modern feminism has achieved its most evil feat to date: causing Henry Cavill, the quintessence of masculine beauty, to fear flirting, lest he be accused of something more sinister. In today’s day and age, when a man opening a door for a woman gets labeled “misogynist pig” faster than you can say “free birth control,” […]

The Strange Decline of H.L. Mencken

Seventy years ago, one of the most influential American journalists and critics was silenced forever. H.L. Mencken suffered a massive stroke in 1948 that left him unable to write, the thing he did best and that defined his life. He lived eight more years but could no longer write with any degree of facility and […]

Does Anyone Remember the Spirit of ‘76?

As spring turned into summer, 1976, I was age 9, living in what I then presumed the norm for America, the rather idyllic and medium-sized Kansas town, Hutchinson (affectionately known in Kansas as “Hutch”). My neighbors were loving, caring, and intelligent. My parish—one of three in town—was led by a devout priest who had immigrated […]

A Lesson on Liberty from the Little House on the Prairie

The Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC) on June 23 announced that the Laura Ingalls Wilder Award would now officially be called the Children’s Literature Legacy Award. This, the ALSC announced, is due to the “inconsistency between Wilder’s legacy and its core values of inclusiveness, integrity and respect, and responsiveness through an award that […]

Woke Progressivism’s Glaring Religion Gap

When I was an undergraduate, my favorite professor was Dr. Messer, an expert on the great 20th-century Southern Catholic novelist Walker Percy. Percy’s novel The Last Gentleman begins with an epigraph from the philosopher Romano Guardini, predicting a future in which “the unbeliever will…cease to reap benefit from the values and forces developed by the […]